Why can I sometimes not crop my images?

Currently cropping images can only be done within the portfolio grid (unless you've selected the Masonry grid) — Read more below on the reasoning:

1. If you've selected a Portfolio Grid layout, this is where you can currently crop images because the ratio and size of these thumbnails is defined by the template itself, which is why cropping works there.

2. On regular blocks, images can currently NOT be cropped. All we do is scale the image to the width of the image used in the block, and then use the height of your image. So if you for example put two images next to each other on a two column layout and you want the images to be the same height, make sure to upload two identical images (with the same height)

3. The Masonry portfolio grid is currently not supporting cropping. Why? Masonry basically means that the layout adjusts depending on the height of your images. Sometimes if you want something like a Pinterest style layout with different images having different heights, that's the way to go.


We hope to add a more advanced cropping tool to our blocks in the future.

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