Why do I not see my blocks on mobile?

There may be three reasons why you don't see your blocks on mobile:

1. Your changes my not be published

This can be fixed very easily. Basically how it works is that once you've went LIVE with your page, everytime you make a change you have to PUBLISH your changes first. This is just to prevent that anyone can see you making changes and give you full control. Just make sure that when you're ready, click the PUBLISH button in the top right corner.

2. Your blocks may be empty

Some blocks, such as the Gallery slider, the Portfolio grid or the Social Media links block only show up on mobile if you've uploaded some work into them. If they're still just placeholders and you haven't uploaded any work into them, they will not show up on your live site. If you see something like the screenshot below, that means you need to upload some of your own work first to see it on your Live website.

3. Caching may be the problem

Caching is a way for the browser to load websites faster. Sometimes, and especially on mobile your browser tries to save your website locally to make it faster. Sometimes that means that an older version of your website is loaded and it may take a while or a couple of refreshes to show your current version.

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