Why can I not change my theme?

The best part about Carbon is that we don't have themes. We're not trying to lock you into a layout you can't change, but give you the tools to express yourself and customize everything to your need without knowing how to code or necessarily know your way around web design.

The layout we let you choose when you signed up was just a starting point, but technically you can create any layout you want once you've signed up.

Even better than changing a theme and getting locked into another layout, make your layout unique and custom to you:

1. Change your grid layout

With just two simple clicks you could change your entire start page layout by simply choosing a different grid layout for your projects. Simply click on the little ⚙️icon next to your portfolio grid and pick another layout you like. 

2. Consider changing your background colors

You can change the background colors of your entire website, individual pages or just specific sections (blocks) of your homepage. You can even use background images if you're really fancy. Just imagine the possibilities.

3. Change your navigation

Adding a bit more personality to your design you can change all font sizes or fonts by just clicking on them and BOOM a new world just opened up.

4. Change fonts across all pages

Just navigate to DESIGN (left hand side) and go to GLOBAL STYLES where you can change your Primary and Secondary font across all pages with just a single click.

5. Use Blocks to your advantage

If you think about it, all websites are made out of blocks. Each page or project can become a unique piece of art simply by just adding and re-arranging different kinds of blocks that you can fully customize. Why try to change a theme when you have even more and better control over your design?

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