How to password protect my portfolio

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Setting your portfolio to private is a great way for those who are not fully finished with their portfolio but already went live, or those who may have confidential work to show and don't want everybody to see it.

To set your portfolio private please click the little ⚙️icon in the bottom left corner to access your Account Settings. Under profile simply scroll down until you find the option to enter your "Access code". The access code is basically your secret password to access your portfolio. So make sure to only give your secret access code to those who you wish to have access to your portfolio.

My website is not asking me for my access code anymore but I set it to private?

That's because if you've entered it once, your browser basically saves the password so you don't have to enter it every single time. You can try opening an Incognito Window in your browser and try it there and you will see it will ask you for your access code again. 

What happens if I change my access code?

If you've previously given away your access code to other people, these people will no longer have access to your portfolio if you changed the access code.

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