Can I downgrade?

You can always decide to downgrade whenever you like. But be aware that in case you've used any PRO features they will be disabled and not accessible anymore and new limits will be in place. Make sure to read more below what happens when you downgrade.

Downgrading from PRO to BASIC

Downgrading from PRO to BASIC will now put new limits on your account. We will not delete any premium blocks from your page, but at this time you won't be able to use any Premium Blocks, Premium Navigations or Premium Grid layouts anymore. Any Blocks you've placed on your page previously will stay as they are, but if you decide to delete and re-add them you need to upgrade again.

In addition, downgrading from PRO to BASIC will apply new limits to your projects and pages.

Downgrading from UNLIMITED to PRO

Everything will stay the same and you will still have access to Premium Grids, Blocks and Navigations but there will be new limits to your Pages and Projects.

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