Can't login or forgot password

First and foremost: The new Carbon doesn't have passwords anymore. So you're in luck, because if you think you forgot your password, thats ok because we never asked you for one.

Carbon basically works with a special ✨Magic Link✨. If you happen to get logged out of Carbon, all you have to do is go to, then type in your email address and we will send you a magic link which you can click and it will automatically log you back in.

But what if I forgot my email address?

Well, that is a bit more troubling because we do need to know your email address in order to help you. You can definitely reach out to us at and we can see how we can solve the puzzle with you together. Maybe you made a typo when registering? Maybe you registered with one of your secondary emails? We will figure it out.

PS: Are you trying to login to your old Carbonmade 3 account? You can do that here. (IMPORTANT, just for OLD Carbonmade accounts, not for Carbonmade 4)

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