Switching from the old to the new Carbon 4

As you may have noticed, we've just launched our brand new Carbon 4 platform. We're still not completely officially launched, so when you read this you know that you're one of the very first. 🌟 Below just a few answers to your most burning questions:

How can I log into my old Carbon account?

Easy, you just go to carbonmade.com and click the SignIn link in the top right corner. Or you log in here. You just enter your email address, and if you have an old Carbon account it will just ask you for your password. If you have both, an old and a new account, it will ask you which one you want to log in to. If you have trouble signing in, read this.

I already have a Carbon account, how can I get the new one?

You can have both right now! If you already have an old Carbon account, you can just sign up here for a new account and give it a try to see if you like it or not. Nothing will happen to your old account and it will continue working. They're basically two different things right now.

Can I transfer all my images and videos to the new Carbon 4?

Absolutely! But since the old Carbon and the new Carbon are quite different, we had to do things a little bit different. If you registered a new Carbon 4 account with the same email address as your old account, you will automatically get a little message on your Projects Overview (see below) that will ask you to import your existing projects. 

But since the new Carbon doesn't have "Pieces" or templates anymore, here is what we do when importing your projects:

1. We import all your existing projects that are published and unpublished, that includes the title of the project and thumbnail.

2. We will import your existing images, video, audio etc. inside your projects and display it similar to what you had before.

You can then take it from there, customize fonts, backgrounds, add new blocks, re-arrange things and just enjoy the new Carbon (:

PS: If you've already imported projects, then deleted some on accident, you can always re-import by visiting this URL (and then going back to your Project Overview)

I'm already paying for the old Carbon, but want to use the new one

That makes sense! If you love the new Carbon 4 a lot and want to use it as your official portfolio, you can just login to your old Carbon account and cancel it there so you don't pay twice, or you just write us a quick email to help@carbonmade.com and we will take care of it for you.

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