How to create a project

Creating a new project is the heart of Carbon. Every project you can create can have it's own unique project page, and it's all quite simple too.

STEP 1: Click the 💼PROJECTS icon on the left hand side.

STEP 2: Click ADD NEW PROJECT button at the top.

STEP 3: Simply drag and drop a thumbnail image you want to show here (you can do that later too) and give your project a title.

STEP 4: If you now like to add images or content to your project page, simply click on the thumbnail to go to your project page.

STEP 5: The stage is all yours! You can now drag and drop blocks onto your page to design your project page. If you only want to show one image after another, you just need to drag and drop the "Image Block". If you like to add a headline first, you just drag the "Title Block" — Or perhaps you like to add a project description? There's a block for everything really.

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