How to best upload my images

Carbonmade automatically resizes and delivers your images to your visitors at their optimal resolution. By uploading your best assets and leaving the optimization to us, you can can be assured your work will look great whether it's being viewed on a 30" monitor or 4" phone.

With specific blocks, there are a few things to consider:
- Our Cover block automatically centers your images. For best results, we recommend uploading landscape images to make sure it looks great on your computer. If you upload a portrait image, it will automatically get cropped of course, so if you want more control, use that landscape format.
- Our Magazine Spread block displays photos at 50% of the page width and typically looks best with portrait aspects. Again, doesn't matter what file size you upload, we will take care of all that.
- When uploading to the Portfolio Grid, you'll be able to use our crop tool to make your images look perfect.   And if you go hi-res, you'll be able to zoom and crop in on fine details.
That said, don't worry about optimizing your images before uploading them. Give us what you have and leave the hard work of making them look their best to us.
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