When is my Carbonmade account deleted?

Generally, we would only ever delete an account for two reasons:

1. The account is against our Terms of Service (adult content, illegal content etc.)
2. The trial account has no LIVE website and has been inactive for a very long time

Basically what that means is. If you're on a free trial and you haven't launched your website and ALSO haven't logged into your Carbonmade account for at least 6 months, we will start sending you some emails to make sure if you're still using your Carbonmade account. If you do not reply to any of our emails, we will eventually schedule your account for deletion. We do not do this because we're trying to be mean, but we want to make sure we comply with current privacy and data protection laws. You can of course avoid deletion by either being active, or picking one of our paid plans. We will NEVER delete or archive anyones website that is on an active paid plan.

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