Customize your social media share preview

Your portfolio should look great across every single platform, that's why we also let you customize the SHARE PREVIEW for your portfolio.

Basically what that means is, if you share your portfolio URL on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for example, it will automatically show an image, a title and a little description in their feed. We call this the social media share preview, and you can totally customize it. Make it extra nice so people click on it when they scroll around on the social media feed.

Here is how to do it:

1. Click on your SETTINGS icon in the lower left corner ⚙️and navigate to SEO. You can also click right here and I take you there.

2. That's it! All the way at the top you should already see a little preview. Make sure to upload a nice image in there (just drag and drop it in), add a nice title and description and you're good to go!

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