Changing your thumbnail hover font

To change your thumbnail hover title (typeface and size) all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. While hovering over your portfolio grid, find the little ⚙icon on the right side of the window, then click on it.

2. Once you've opened the Grid Options, click "Thumbnail Hover", this will give you a preview of how the hover will look like across your grid,

3. Now, just simply click into the project titles and change the font or size the same way you'd change it on any other block.

Once you're done, simply click somewhere else with your mouse or click the BACK button inside the little popup so you can test your hover.

PRO TIP: As you may notice, changing the style of one project title will make the change across all your thumbnails to keep it consistent. If you're using a grid that has a lot of smaller and larger thumbnails, make sure to select a font size that will work across all sizes to avoid unnecessary line breaks or visual inconsistencies. 

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