Can't find my website on Google

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO in short) is the process of making sure your website can be easily found via the search results on sites like Google, Yahoo or Bing. This process in itself is quite complex and there are entire industries just built around helping people rank better on Google, mainly because these search websites are keeping it a big secret on how these websites actually rank.

Carbonmade has been helping people build websites since 2005 and we've learned a lot on how to optimize websites to make sure they get ranked nicely on Google & Co.

But in addition, there are a few things you can do to speed things up, so here is a little checklist for you to follow:

The SEO checklist:

1. Add your site title

This is very important for Google. Make sure to add a site title, ideally one that is clear to understand and includes your name and keywords of what you do and offer. Even if you use your own custom logo, your site title is still important.

2. Add your site description

Adding a little description about yourself and what you do will help Google index your website better. To add your description, click on the ⚙️icon in the bottom left corner (account settings) and then navigate to the "SEO" tab where you can enter your site description.

3. Connect a custom domain

If you've purchased a custom domain, consider connect it to your Carbonmade portfolio. Custom domains make your portfolio not only look more professional, but help with the ranking in your search results.

4. Improve your content

Google indexes most pages based on their content. So if you like to be found for certain keywords, or your name, you need to make sure your name is written clearly on some of your pages. Try to avoid images to display text and write your text straight onto your page.

5. Submit/verify your URL to Google

We've added a little guide right here that helps you to submit your website to Google. Once you've submitted it to Google it can take up to a couple weeks (sometimes months) for Google to index it.

6. Share your website

Another big factor for Google to index your site better are the so called "backlinks". Backlinks are basically just links to your website from many different sources. So more often your website gets shared by someone else, or the more often your URL is found on other websites (such as your Instagram profile, FB, Twitter etc.) the better it is for your Google ranking. So make sure to share your website, add it to all your social profiles and make sure people know about it.

IMPORTANT: Due to the complexity of SEO optimization it is sadly something that is outside the scope of the Carbonmade support. Search engine technologies are constantly changing, evolving and are kept in such secrecy that we're not able to help with specific SEO strategies.

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